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quarta-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2018

Resolutions for 2018


This year hopefully is going to better than last year… and that is not going to be hard.

I won’t be doing a written review of my last year because it’s just going to bug me and I’ve already thought about it when I wrote these down on paper. Yes, I love writing on paper too.

So let’s just get started with the resolutions I have for the year of 2018 and some of the breakdowns to achieve those resolutions:

1. RUN my first 10K race: run 5k in less than 30 minutes; run 3x per week; go to the COIMBRA colour run and then do the EDP 10k run in October.

2. EAT BETTER: I was eating ok for a while but with all the stress of late I’ve just reverted to my old ways and put on too much weight for my knees so I want to get back to – eating less processed food; eating less processed sugar; eat more vegetarian and even go all vegetarian (with some cheat meals); I'll be doing some monthly challenges and posing them here on my blog so click on the newsletter to receive notifications in your e-mail.

3. GET FIT: This is the ideal year to get fit because I put on 12 pounds really fast and that usually means I’ll get it off really fast which usually is not good but these are stress pounds so they fall off when I’m not stressed. I haven’t started anything really serious and I’m down 1 pound in less than a week so I think that is a good start. And I said that is was a good time to start losing real weight because I’ll have the easy incentive of those stress pounds sheading and also I can gain a lot of muscle still losing weight. I want to control my portions and reduce until I feel comfortable because I love food and I can’t live eating just one type of thing, so no diets for me. Exercising 5x per week and going in the morning and evening – I started that in November and I saw that even with 30 minutes in the morning and another in the evening my body was transforming. Slow and steady wins the race, in this case; In January do 8000 steps per day and then up it to 10k. I’m already failing this one because day 2 and 3 it was really low, but I’ll compensate; Lose 13kg – I would like it to be a bit more but that is my happy weight.I'll be doing some monthly challenges and posing them here on my blog so click on the newsletter to receive notifications in your e-mail.

4. LEARN a “new” LANGUAGE: I’ve been using Duolingo, an app, really cool to get my French better because it’s a bit rusty and I understand ok but I don’t talk and when I do I pronounce words like I write them and that is not ok. So every day I do some little tests and it takes 5-15 minutes per day which is fun and not time-consuming.

5. VISIT 2 COUNTRIES: last year we went to Madeira which is my country and we went to Marseille, France. I’ve already gone to France 3 or 4 times but it’s very nice to see other regions. This year I don’t have anything in mind yet but I would love to go to London again so maybe not 2 NEW COUNTRIES but still, two countries would be nice.

6. GET SOCIALS UNDER CONTROL: I need to do a timetable where I can fit my socials every day and do something on them every day because they always get out of control and I don’t reply as soon as I want to comments or I don’t publish when I want to and say.

7. TRAIN MY CALIGRAPHY: I love writing and now that I have been bullet journaling for more than a year I want to learn how to properly write. My handwriting is ok but I just want to know how to do calligraphy and use a brush it just looks so pretty.

8. DECLUTTER MY LIFE: I’ve been reading Marie Kondo’s books and it has opened my eyes to not be constantly cleaning and have everything clean all the time. The way is to declutter everything I can and want, leaving me just with what makes me happy and sparks joy. We are changing places so that is going to make things go even faster. When I put things in my new apartment I will just leave the things I really want and LOVE. When I’m done with my home, I’ll start with my mom’s.

9. HELP OUT MY PARENTS: I want to help out more my parents because they are getting older and they need my help around the house so I will be putting aside a weekend per month to help them and do some stuff around their house. I still need to the list of things to do but there are always things popping up.

10. DO MORE DIYs: I love painting and I want to start creating something and seeing how they come out because when I was younger I would love to draw and paint and do crafts. Also, I need to get some furniture revived and that counts too. I’ve already done the list now I need to establish the days to work on the projects.

11. MAKE A NEW RECIPE EVERY MONTH: I’ve already got some in my new recipe book and I’m really excited. I did write down more than twelve though, I’m certain I’ll do more.

12. TRY MEDITATION: Start mornings with 5 minutes every three days and grow to 15 minutes per day. I have not started this one, I’ve forgotten if I’m truthful it’s just something that slips my mind but lately I’ve been really stressed and I see everyone saying that it changes your day. It keeps you more relax and centres you.

13. DECORATE OUR NEW HOME: with the DIYs I talked about in 10. and buy some decorations that spark joy. I need to do the wish list and then cut from it and buy something nice every month (maybe).

14. READ 10 BOOKS: I’ve been reading Marie Kondo’s books and I haven’t finished but I’m loving them and I love reading stuff that makes me grow and think so I want to invest in that and put some time every week to do that. On Sunday I think will fit perfect even those weekends I’m not home I can use READ ALOUD and “podcast” the book.

15. RENOVATE and START A STORE SITE: Now that I started decluttering, I’ve been wanting to sell some stuff but I wanted somewhere more personal and I do sites for others why not do something for me. I code a lot so when I need to update something for me I just drag it or not do it at all. My site doesn’t generate me money so I don’t give it as much attention and I want to change that because EVERYTHING IN OUR LIFE SHOULD BRING US JOY.

16. LEARN A NEW SKILL: This is related to my job and me wanting to grow every year. Last year I didn’t learn any new skill but the year before I learnt two so this year I want to get at least one and update also two other skills. In the era of the computers if you stop learning you will fall behind and it’s also fulfilling learning new things.

17. BE MORE POSITIVE: I'm usually a very positive person but lately, with all the stress (I will be talking more about that if I haven't yet in the resolutions video - COMMING SOON) I've been feeling out of myself, Like I changed to a grumpy person. This did make my family and boyfriend more positive but it's just not me. I just want to get to my ZEN personality and I do think after this experience I will be an even more controlled and balanced person.

I have one more resolutions but I’ll keep those to me until the release. This also keeps you on your feet and coming back, or not.

Tell me what are your resolutions for this year and if you have started any already.

quarta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2017

When I Started a Bullet Journal (LOST POST)


I just started bullet journaling and it's more complex than I thought... Well, I made it more complex.

If you want the how to a simple and fast bullet journal than there is nothing better than going to the creator site: Been there, done that LOL

I want to incorporate all the things I usually do daily and some extras, it's taking me some time to start it off and I will not be using it's "FULL POWER" because I started this week which is middle of the month and end of the year.

On Sunday, I did the year part:

  • Resolutions
  • Level 10 Goals
  • Bills
  • Movies of the Year
  • 4 Month overview
  • Recipe, Blog and Videos Ideas
And I even did a MANDALA and everything... I'm really proud of it because it came out cute and that light blue pen was "giving me the shhh treatment".

I still haven't completed yearly pages all but I did a pencil doodle. The most important part is the month pages because with my normal planner - I love it a lot - I was spending to much time on it per week. This way I can cut down my time with two trackers.

 A month tracker for all the little things I do daily and don't remember and another divided in two that tracks my ME TIME and HOUSEWORK or house chores. Like this, I just need to dot where I did it and not write everything down every day - as I did in the planner.

That leaves me a daily schedule that is more open and clean (because so many little things were taking up all the space and cluttering my mind) to write down the big things I need to get done. Now I can give attention to the important chores and also track my time so I can see where I'm using/loosing my time and re-organize every week as needed.

I'm trying to eat better and see where I'm over eating and there is just enough space on the weekly schedule for a meal log.

I took inspiration from:

You can see some similarities between their bullet journals and mine.  I'm loving it and I do feel I'm more productive with it but it's still very early to say if it truly works for me. (I will update you on that.)

quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2016

One NEW Thing and More of the Same FAVS - HAUL


This would be a repetition haul if it wasn't for the:

1. HOURGLASS - Incandescent Electra highlight. I saw it discounted and I just had to buy it. I don't have anything in my collection with this much shine. It's not glittery, just shine city in a natural and beautiful way, giving you a natural glow. I also love using it on the brow bone. Just amazing (I'm really late for this one but I'm happy I got it).

2. The DIADERMINE face day cream is #5 or #6 that I buy. It's always on discount, the price is great for the quality and it gives me just the amount of hydration I need without breaking me out. It makes my skin glow and I love this brand.

3.Kylie matte lipgloss in KOKO K is very beautiful. As I talked about the kylie lipglosses in my October Haul this is just as good. The colour is a bit lighter but as pretty and opaque on the lips. I still obsessed with DOLCE the letters and design have faded so much from the wear. KOKO is a bit lighter so if you like light nudes that that is the one for you. These KYLIE lipglosses are my favourite lipsticks of all time and if I'm not wearing any of these, I'm must have on a lip balm from DIOR that you know I love.

4. A dark blue gel nail polish from HELLO for the coming Winter. I love my blues so I just had to buy this sparkly almost black blue. The sparkles are not noticeable but in the sunlight or lights, it shines beautifully. Another of these great gel nail polishes for my collection.

Would you like to see a Hello nail polish collection? What are your favourite buys of the month?

quinta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2016

30 Days Challenge


I started a 30 days challenge on the first of November because the last few months I've not been going to the gym as regularly as I would like and it's making me a little sad. There is no best time to start something than now and I was trying to avoid procrastination this time (procrastination is something I do all the time and I need to just get rid of it in my life).

I'm thinking about doing this because I know I can do it! Last year, around the same time I started running and I felt great and I was killing all of these challenges. I just set my mind to it and did it. So if I did it once I can do it again! (If I do increase these numbers I will update you guys here but also if you want to see my everyday, or almost everyday, goals met, go to my Instagram @nickafernandes - a newer account)

I also would love to succeed at my running goal of this year which is running the 10k in less than one hour and you might think that is a small goal but for me, that will be huge. On the treadmill, I can and I already did it last year but outside, it's just a little bit harder. So let's go! I can do it! You can do it! Let's do it together.

This chart is just showing what I want to do workout wise but I am also doing two more which are related to my health and getting back on track with my yearly goals. Since we're getting towards the end of the ear I need to make sure that my goals are being met or at least trying my best to do so. These other two are no consuming sugar or coffee.

The sugar is the worst part for me because usually, I go 15 days without and then I'm like a junkie and feeling crazy if I don't eat a "bit" of chocolate (when I say a bit, I normally binge). This time I'm going for the entire 30 days and I know I can do it because I'm saying it isn't just for me but "for a greater good" (I don't want to discuss that at the moment, sorry) and that will help me get there. I will probably binge eat the next day (first, of December, let's see).

The coffee part is easier because I have been avoiding it for almost two years and I've been successful for the most part. I love coffee for its flavor as most of the food I eat and I can manage well without it but sometimes I just want to indulge. I want to get to this point with chocolate.

When I started cutting coffee I had headaches and I would feel sleepy but one thing that helped me with the sleepy part is drinking a smoothie every morning (another thing I'm getting back to doing every morning).  Now when I don't drink coffee, it doesn't affect me as much.

There are so many things I want to get better at in my life that most of the time I feel overwhelmed but you have to start somewhere. So I'm starting on the things that I can do and that are most affecting me in life.

If you are reading this and want to join me, no matter that I already started, just tell me and/or follow me on my Instagram account - @nickafernandes and #fitnesschallengewithnicka on your Instagram photos and I will like them. I love seeing other people's progress because it incentives me too, and hopefully you will feel inspired too. See you there.

domingo, 30 de outubro de 2016

My First Haul on This Blog


I wanted to make the fist HAUL of this blog with my favourite things at the moment. I did buy some more products but these are the ones that stood out and were a bit different than usual and I am just in LOVE with all of them.

1. The BIOTEN night cream is amazing. If you don't already know, all of the bioten products I ever tried I love and this could not be ay different. This is a night cream and I have dry to combo skin so I love my night creams a little bit on the oily side but not too greasy that it might break me out. and this has just the right amount of oil and the anti ageing properties are visible with two or three usages.

2. Ultra Suave from the brand GARNIER is great and I always buy one or two hair masks when I go there but I saw this product and just because it smelled fantastic I had to buy it. I do love my leave in whatever makes my hair shiny and beautiful I always love to try out so it had to come home with me. I love it, not only it makes my hair smell amazing it is also great for the colder months ahead because you can use it to protect your hair from the heat even if it's still really wet. I usually go to the gym at night and almost every time, I wash my hair so this has saved my life trying it. I even think my hair drys faster when I blow it out with this product.

3. Laura Mercier is a brand I have in my collection for a long time now. The first product I bought was the translucent powder that is amazing and I use every day. This foundation has been on my list for a while now. Every time I use it people compliment me and ask what foundation it is. I apply it with my beauty blender dupe that I love and it looks flawless, lightweight and just blends like I have nothing on my skin. Now I just need to buy a lighter shade for the winter.

4. The KYLIE matte lip gloss and pencil were the first colour I bought - DOLCE. It's a dark nude that looks amazing in contrast to my pale skin.  The colour is very pigmented so you need just a little bit, it will last me a lifetime. When you first apply it takes some seconds to dry and after, it just stays on all day. The texture and staying power is amazing, it is matte and non-transferable. I did the kissing my boyfriend test and drinking water too, it did not budge.  It's not drying if your lips are in their normal state but I don't like to wear it more than three days straight because the fourth day my lips are a little dryer (normal for me whatever I'm putting or not on my lips). I have ordered more and I have even more in mind to order because they came out with a bunch of new colours this Autumn, I'm so excited

5. HELLO Gel Nail Varnish in the colour number 25 - Satin Pajamas - is a pinkish nude. I love nudes and I love these gel polish because the quality s fantastic at a great price, I recommend you check it out. On me these last more than a week which is amazing because there is no nail polish that lasts that long and these are nail polish prices. They also have different sets for those of you that don't have the UV light. I'm not sponsored, I just love it and I have bought other brands and for me, these are the best. I have a review on a set/kit from the same place HERE.

These are some of the products I bought this month and I have been using them non-stop since I got them. They can be also considered my favourites but I have some other products I want to add to that. I most probably do a video on that on my youtube channel

Tell me what is your favourite product that you last bought.

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